Jesus, Leah!

by leahplotz

Jesus Leah, I can’t believe you’re gonna die on Day Two!

Said me, to myself, after I walked into my first spiderweb, reaching from above my head to my waist. After sunset.

No suspect has yet been identified. It is now Day Eight, but, after everything I have read on the poisonous/deadly subject before I arrived, I am not going to jump the gun here and say I have survived.

Streets truly glisten with gold for this snow angel coming out of hibernation. It’s summer! The sun’s rays dance along the footpaths, making even the shadows smile. My hair is frizzy and gross. I can order ice coffees. And my skin color is not borderline translucent.  Yup, it must be summer. But my calendar says it’s February? No ya dumbass, it’s summer!

This is all well and good before it hits 30C (87F). When it hits 30C, Melburnians get cranky. In an asphalted world, I completely understand. It’s been charming to compare the cultures I carry with me to this one. In Iowa the cranky mark was 32C (90F). In Norway it was 23C (73F). In Texas, well, anything out of the range 65-75F is a risk.

I signed a lease on a student studio this morning, so I finally have a place to live. It needs some reorganizing and IKEA runs but visitors will be safe, centrally located, and have a bed. Living alone; I may start singing in the shower and cook in my underwear. All this paperwork makes me feel too restless, too committed, too tied down, (wink) so I’m off to New Zealand tomorrow for a long weekend (seriously).

I could use a vacation. 😉