Queenstown, NZ

by leahplotz


Queenstown, New Zealand.

Stunning first impression of the country.

Everything about this trip was a pleasant surprise. You would think I was sick of flying by now, but I looked forward to the three hour flight, and loved being on the go again. Queenstown is a bit of a tourist city, so I wasn’t expecting it to be much. Tourist cities (or the touristy sections) usually irritate me to some extent and so when I landed, and walked down that airplane’s staircase….the view made me ever-so-slightly teary-eyed. In a word: stunning. In fact that’s really the only word that describes it. I thought I had landed in the countryside of Norway. Fly for so long and you end up back home!

Totally enchanted and head over heels already, I caught a taxi to the airbnb place I was staying at; my host was an expat from England. She showed me to my room…and the view… the view… ! Did I mention the lake was a blue unlike any blue I have ever seen before? Hard to capture; it is elusive, but I tried:


The city centre had one more surprise in store. The downtown area was crowded…yet not. People were freely drinking in public but it wasn’t rowdy, it wasn’t unsafe in any manner. Young/beautiful/tanned people picnicking alongside young families alongside older couples. I couldn’t stop smiling. I wanted to share it with all of you.

The first photo, of Queenstown Hill, was (yes, I know it’s getting old) stunning. A bit gruesome for a girl who hasn’t exercised in… how many months?? But worth every effort. As you see, I barely made it to the top alive. 😉

Completely lovesick.