Singing for my Supper

by leahplotz

As I commence my studies here in Melbs, I want to underline how amazingly (pathetically?) “Student” I have already become.

Nights out

So Saturday night was my first official night out with friends and it was gloriously weird. We pre-partied with a nice Bailey’s-like liquor called Cowboy and terrible $5 wine (see Aldi section). We hit the Kodiac bar and I had a wild jalapeno whiskey experience. Other adventures include PBR and alcoholic espresso shots. At Naked for Satan (yes, it’s real name), the rooftop view and New Zealand wine allowed us to feel on top of the world. We met random Europeans and danced the night away. Best part? No cover charge for these strange places we entered.  Someone insisted Anna is from London (she is from a rather small place actually, SW of Get Bent, or something). I remember Jenni at one point got some men to say numbers in Finnish. The morning after, us girls had a fantastic brekky and I was so tired it hurt.

This is how I remember the night:

bilde 2(2)


After a hefty night out, there is usually a need to do some laundry . It costs me $4 (AUD) for a load of laundry here. So naturally, I cursed The System and started washing my clothes like it was 1899. Upon telling this to Anette, she said “I did it for three months in Brazil. Trust me, you’re going to get sick of it.”

And guess what? I’m already sick of it.

I think it may get better once I get technique down and do a little bit every other day as opposed to several days’ worth. So far things smell nice and look clean, so I must be doing something right.


Aldi gets its own section because Aldi and I go way back. I grew up with this wild&crazy German concept back in Iowa and it seems its reputation is the same worldwide. Either you love it or you loathe it. I love it, maybe because it just has one of whatever you need, but it also sells:

-sketchy but cheap wine.

-organic meats, dairy, etc.

-amazing chocolate. Betchya didn’t know that did ya?

-this coming Wednesday there is a sale on duvet covers.

-here they pronounce it ALE-dee.

–End defence of Aldi–


I really should probably say “What shopping?” But an IKEA trip is planned for Friday, and I have a list going. I got some basics already at garage sales in the area. Plus I should mention that they kind of have Target here, so I marveled in its existence and spent a wad of money in interior and bedding. Worth every penny. H&M is opening a store here too. I really lucked out the other day because some Big Fancy Brand Name was closing a store, so I got a $150 sweater for $20 and a $70 summer shirt for $15.

Wait. Back to food.

What did I eat for dinner last night? Oatmeal. What’s for lunch? A bag of cashews someone left behind. I’m almost proud that my fridge contains at the current moment: hot mustard, an apple, alcohol, yoghurt, apple juice, and soy milk.

Student Discounts  

Free concert for a band who has never played live before? Sure, I’ll go! Melbourne, I’ll have you know, is also a sports MAD city, and they like to share this passion with international students. With the Culture Card, I can go for free! I also walk everywhere. Hoping to get a bike soon. oh! and! There is a student clinic for osteopath students on my campus. On my campus! $20 and away I go.

Coupons. Oh the glorious coupon. Cup of coffee if I buy a muffin? I like muffins. Personal pizza delivered with a gluten free crust? I like pizza. Free school events including a light lunch? I like events. I like light lunches.

It has been freakishly easy for me to ease back into student living. I like to play it cheap, and I like to be creative, and I like living on my own. Was this one big advertisement for care packages? Maybe. Was this the last post in a while since I actually have to start studying now? Maybe. Do I wish someone would win the lottery and pay for my family to come visit? Yes. Do I dislike the writing style that poses rhetorical questions? Yes. I’ll end it already.

And um, if you could send candles so that I can cut back on electricity, that’d be great! Thanks.