The $2.80 Store

by leahplotz


Daiso is a Japanese store brand where everything is $2.80. Brilliant, right?

Before I explain the photo, let me just bring you into the Daiso world. They have everything you need (sequin eyelashes) and don’t need (fake grass for decorating). They even have pocket-sized ash trays, for when you’re on the go, with Swedish poetry written on the front. <– seriously, I can’t make this sh*t up. They had everything from fishing gear to socks-for-flats-but-you’re-wearing-pants socks. They had tongs for when you want to eat chips/crisps but don’t want to get your hands all greasy. I won a raffle at school and in redeeming my coupon, I picked out lychee candies and a notebook as my prize.

Onto the grande purchase! I have a small carpeted area in my flat/apartment/woman cave and no vacuum. Hmm. Do I spent $50 on a cheap vacuum? You read the last post; Of course I don’t do that! I scour other stores for ideas, and, what’s this?!? Perfect, brilliant, a glorified lint roller! It’s like as if a paint roller and a lint roller got married. I went to town with this, and, what felt like two hours later, I had a clean floor. Please, take off your shoes before you enter.