Sunday Strollin’

by leahplotz

Tradition carries on from Norway, and Sunday’s are made for strolling, my dear.

So I strolled. I moseyed on down to Fitzroy Gardens and to the oldest building in Australia: Cook’s Cottage. Ya know, Captain James Cook, the dude who mapped some pretty important stuff for this continent. I should have maybe researched… This isn’t his house that he settled in and chose exactly that spot in all of Australia like my experience in “oldest buildings” tell me. No no no, don’t be silly, dear Leah! This is his parents’ house. From back in England. #faceplam

So in 1934 they tore it down in England and put it back up here in Victoria. But hey, it has pretty gardens, no?




Things we should find interesting and things we actually find interesting don’t always coincide. I’m keen to show you the strangest street name I have found yet. There have been plenty that have made me take a double-look, amongst them Snowball Lane. I can’t help but wonder: has it ever snowed on that street? (Therefore implying that snowballs have been thrown). Is it the name of a beloved cat? Is it to describe a rather domino-effect of housing when the street was built?

No further delays can be had!

I give you: Bionic Ear Lane!