Why My Parents Deserve a Vacation

by leahplotz

The sunrise over Melbourne was a blurry one today, eager for Friday but the clouds denied it its full glory. My nurse Jennifer just woke me up to give me more meds, and now I can’t sleep. I’m reading an email from Mom. She just keeps saying “I’m so glad it’s over,” and I know exactly what she means. I’m relieved, too. I can recover now.

I’m on an adventure, and [the unexpected] is part of it! I’m currently in a really chill ward at a nice hospital in Melbourne, recovering, getting great care.

My Ulcerative Colitis didn’t listen to me. I told it to go away. I told it “hey! I’m livin’ here!” and even teamed up with cortisone and prednisone to beat my bully. UC wanted to come along with me for the ride. I said no. My Norwegian doctors said, “nah, it won’t, just go, study, have a good time. You’ll respond and be healthy soon.”

Uh huh.

Above all, I’m ok. I’m in good hands. I’ve got visitors, and otherwise am busy with school work, and I’m confident that soon I’ll be healthier than you! I charm my way to control the TV remote and chat up my nurses. My Norwegian travel insurance company have been wonderful. They even called to ask how I was doing yesterday.

My parents deserve a vacation. My sister-in-law has been getting treatment as well in Iowa City and is the real hero here. She deserves a vacation, too! Haha. I know they are happy that things are on the upswing for all of us. I’m sure my brother and mother would like some sleep at night! I did not get any last night but they’ve promised that the pharmacist will take care of that for tonight.

I debated why I should even post this. But I know why I am. I’m posting because I need you to fetch me chocolate from the store. 😉 Really, though, the current awareness surrounding UC and IBD isn’t large enough for me. It could be bigger. So my objective is clear to me. The more people that know what it is, the better.

You know me. You know I’m still laughing. You know I plan on stealing a wheelchair and having my friends push me around the park for shits n giggles (no pun intended).

So what I need you to do for me is:

Text me pics of your pets. Never fails to put a smile on my face.
Or of your doofus self. 🙂
Seriously, Lygon St has the closest Koko Black choc store….
Email me a good poo joke. A good one.
Pray if ya do that thing.
Celebrate every successful bowel movement.

Feel free to send me links to your favorite show or comedy clip. Feel free to shake your head at me. Silly Leah. Feel free to thank Anna for bringing me my laptop. But know I’ll be fine, and you need not worry. ❤