Surfing & Vegemite

by leahplotz

Day Trip! The trip started out with what only can be described as a good brekky, or breakfast. Omelet, coffee, yogurt, and toast with vegemite. Ok, so I only had a little bit of vegemite. But apparently that’s how it’s supposed to be consumed anyway. A thiiiiiiin layer is key. It was so thin I could hardly see it on the toast. Tasted like leftover barley and wheat waste. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what it is….in all honesty, though, it wasn’t that bad. It took me six years to like liver paste in Norway….

We were itching to get on that beach. There’s a reason why Torquay is bursting at the seams. Surfing attracts so much attention to this once-quaint little town. Summer seemed to be old history at 17C, clouds, and wind. Whoever was crazy enough to surf in this weather needed a wetsuit. Enter Jenni & Anna: torquay9 I’m no fool. It was flippin’ cold. While the girls surfed, I went exploring. This girl needs to wander off in order to relax. There were so many cool-looking formations and coves and hiking trails. I could have spent all afternoon there. You could literally see the erosion happening in some rocks as trails of tiny rocks were swept away little by little with the waves. There were little caves, places to climb on, nooks to get stuck in, and puddles for splashing. I will try surfing when the time is right. This, however, was exactly what I needed on Saturday.


I couldn’t get enough