by leahplotz

It’s all well and good that I have added words like “reckon” and “brekky” into my everyday vocabulary, but I’m not completely integrated until I start to like footy, hey.

(For the record, I don’t trust a restaurant that doesn’t have all-day brekky. I just can’t.)

When I landed, I quickly learned two rules from my fellow classmates:
1) Any footy is good footy
2) You never switch teams

So I thought long and hard in order to honor Rule #2, and took my time before finally committing to a football team—go Bulldogs! I got my membership swiftly in order, since it’s free through school. I watched a bit on Sunday, ‘cause that’s just what you do. And I even got myself a jersey, ‘cause that’s just what I do. I watched Footy Time and The Footy Show and countless other footy-related TV shows that seem to have the same hosts and talk about the same things. Yeah, I really hope Dave-o’s back in the game on Friday, otherwise the Devils are really gonna struggle against the Meat Pies.

But I still hadn’t attended a game.


Anette and I were very hungry for some sport since her arrival two weeks ago. No rugby for me, no soccer/fotball for her; we needed to yell and be excited and look at some well-trained men. To eat ice cream and have a warm cup of something in my hands. To hear profanity and to yell it back.

I implemented Rule #1 and picky any footy: North Melbourne Kangas vs. Collingwood Magpies. They played at the beautiful MCG. I don’t say that word often about sports complexes, but I felt it about that place. You can really feel that some memorable moments in history have happened there.

In the end, The Magpies won by Too Much but we still learned a lot about the crazy sport. So much fun!! Over 57,000 fans attended that game. Now consider that that was one game out of several all over the city for just this weekend. ….This city really is sports crazy. I can’t wait to cheer on my Bulldogs in person soon.

photo 1

My ticket

photo 2

In row N, right next to the real fanatics.