Crazy April

by leahplotz

April has been a crazy month.

First of all, part of the craziness was because I imported Crazy. My ray of sunshine Anette from Oslo (Høybråteeeeen!) came to visit me. She booked her ticket before I even got here! For two weeks, we lived on top of each other in my tiny little box of a studio, and safe to say even through living Too Close for so long, we’re still friends! haha! We were so delighted with ourselves when she left for that. It was fantastic having her, even though she refused to wear anything but shorts, even on the chillier days. We synch well; I like to cook, she likes to wash up. I like to sleep a lot; she likes to sleep a lot. She is stubborn and gets lost; I remind her that I gave her a map and she can always take a taxi. I digress!! —I miss her dearly and am so happy she made the trip.

Here are some of the highlights, including her surfing and meeting koalas (see also our footy experience).


Anette surfed with our new friend Marty. A great guy, helping Anette stand several times!


Koala sighting = Check!


A, M, and I went to the Bells Beach “Rip Curl Pro” competition… on the day the surf was too wimpy for competition!


Anette with black swans in the background at Brighton beach. We went to maaaany beaches during her stay.

The day before Anette came, a bunch of friends all decided it was time to experience a piece of Melbourne that was out of the ordinary: Chinatown karaoke. So we gathered a group and rented out a private room for a couple of hours and had some fun. We told all our friends and it turned out to be quite the crowd. It got intense, and was loads of fun.


We all took it very seriously. 😉


Feelin’ it!!


Everyone sang and were transformed into superstars.