Leah On Foot


Month: May, 2014

May Madness

So, I’ve got some big news….


Honest to goodness, I usually spend half my day taking a moment to ask myself “Which way are the cars coming from? That way, Leah. Proceed to turn head in likewise manner. Oops, yeah, was definitely a car coming. Whew, glad ya looked the right way huh, Self?”

I mean, I walk to school and back every day right, and there’s like, a gazillion street crossings each way. Every time, looking left–shit, look right! Looking right–shit, look left!! That being said, I must defend myself in saying that some of these times I am just too busy trying not to get killed by a Melbourne Umbrella. “Umzilla”‘s as I call them.  The umbrellas here are HUGE. I’m serious!! I have never seen such gigantic umbrellas as the ones I’ve seen here. They could fit a whole family underneath them. Then you have the amateurs like me with our very reasonably-sized “pocket” umbrellas with a humble eight little stokes shielding us from the rain. Mine might as well be made out of cotton. I will try to take a picture next time it rains for you. Seriously, on the real bad days, I get soaked because I’m usually on the edge of a travelling gazebo. I wonder if in winter, they bring out the tin or shingled versions…. will they have spouts? Will teenage boys be looking for tips by cleaning the leaves off of their umbrella roofs?


When it comes to school, it’s the final countdoooowwwn (do do do, do do do do do….)!!!

I am loving that the library is now open til midnight and that I can drink more coffee without feeling guilty. I “meditate” at the end of the day but it is just to get me to sleep. I’ve caught the procrastination virus. It’s spread from the tips of my toes to each strand of hair. As in, I would rather paint my toenails or brush my hair for eternity than research. (And my whole family knows I haaaaate to brush my hair). I act like literature reviews could give me chicken pox. And since I’ve never had chicken pox, the only logical thing to do then is everything BUT read. My apartment has rarely been cleaner and I have my lunches prepared for the week. Full of protein, just what the doctor told me. Just three more weeks. Just three more weeks!!!

….And then I have a winter course. In fact, my winter course starts before my last paper is due. SIGH. But this will make second semester so much easier, and maybe I’ll actually read the articles for each class even after Week Seven. (Just joking, all you teachers out there!)  (to everyone else: yeah, no, we all know that eating gelato is way more fun).

Naw, of course it’s not that bad. My assignments are all on-track or ahead of schedule, and I am presenting tomorrow in class if you want to reserve a seat, tickets are only $50 and can be paid directly into my bank account number 555-846-444. 😉 I’m also thinking about running a 5k on June 1st just in order to force myself to exercise more. There will be communications conference in June as well which I am excited for. I will be presenting a project I have been working on for a non-profit organization here and will be able to get feedback on it, which is very very exciting. I’ve had a lot of fun with my group working on it and I must admit, we think we’ve done quite well!

So next time maybe my head has fallen off but maybe I can tell you the results of the conference and that I ran the 5k in 24 minutes (haha!). Until then, send candy*


*Disclaimer: I’ve been told by an undisclosed source that “candy” is an American term for something that is essentially the same thing but oh-so-much-better just by virtue of being produced on the continent of which I currently find myself positioned. My apologies to all offended parties.


Itching to Fly

Is it the end of the semester yet?!

I’ve developed a routine here, and I quite comfortable with it n all, but the thing is… I’m iiiiiitching to explore more. I adore Melbourne. You know that. But. It’s been over three months since I went to Queenstown and am iiiiiitching to fly again.

It does NOT help that two out of four of my final assessments deal with travel. In one of them, I am researching American Airlines extensively. Every day, American Airlines is on my mind, and I use their website daily for research. It is so hard resisting a search for tickets…I mean, it would be research too, wouldn’t it? I would be investigating first-hand what I’m doing already: how the airline is communicating with its external shareholders. Hey, that’s me!

So I went onto jetstar.com instead and booked something.

But I’m going to have to wait another four weeks and six weeks in order to even go. Hmpf. [slouches in seat]

Hobart, Tasmania
Sunshine Coast / Fraser Island

After all, my mom won’t LET me come home in June, because, she adamantly explained, “You have to explore Australia while you’re there.”

She’s a smart cookie, that mother of mine. So, if Iowa is off the list, where else should I go? It’s a big continent! Who’s coming with me??