Itching to Fly

by leahplotz

Is it the end of the semester yet?!

I’ve developed a routine here, and I quite comfortable with it n all, but the thing is… I’m iiiiiitching to explore more. I adore Melbourne. You know that. But. It’s been over three months since I went to Queenstown and am iiiiiitching to fly again.

It does NOT help that two out of four of my final assessments deal with travel. In one of them, I am researching American Airlines extensively. Every day, American Airlines is on my mind, and I use their website daily for research. It is so hard resisting a search for tickets…I mean, it would be research too, wouldn’t it? I would be investigating first-hand what I’m doing already: how the airline is communicating with its external shareholders. Hey, that’s me!

So I went onto instead and booked something.

But I’m going to have to wait another four weeks and six weeks in order to even go. Hmpf. [slouches in seat]

Hobart, Tasmania
Sunshine Coast / Fraser Island

After all, my mom won’t LET me come home in June, because, she adamantly explained, “You have to explore Australia while you’re there.”

She’s a smart cookie, that mother of mine. So, if Iowa is off the list, where else should I go? It’s a big continent! Who’s coming with me??