“Winter” is here

“Winter” has definitely hit.

How do I know this?

Because I need my wheat pack heated up before I can sleep. The tea supply is dwindling quickly. And I actually went to see a movie.

I have been comparing Melburnians and their definition of “winter” to Norwegians and their definition of “summer.” You see, just as I call Norwegian summer “evig vår” or “forever spring,” winter in Victoria is kind of like an “eternal autumn.”


Victoria in “winter.” Photo: Anna’s

It’s about getting away to the north of the country. It’s about bearing down and waiting impatiently for spring. If friends haven’t fled the state yet, they are planning to soon. As I count down the days until my mini vacation to Fraser Island (10), I’m so ready for it. I leave the day after I finish my winter course in Public Speaking, and even though those who know me probably argue that I really don’t NEED Public Speaking, I disagree!

Before I moved to Norway, I used to be completely comfortable with standing up in front of other people, totally the entertainer. So when in February I had to give a report to my class, I froze. I read off of my script and when I got asked questions, I crumbled. So the first day of speech class was liberating. No scripts, no Powerpoints, and 100% supportive environment. I practically skipped home! The past two years have been about remembering who I am, living how I want, and seeing where I shine. This area used to be one of them. I’m still a bit of an amateur, worried more about having enough to say to fill two minutes than content, but I’m getting there.

With Fraser Island comes a true school break. Three whole weeks before Semester Two starts. So you’ll certainly be hearing more from me and my buddy Oz.