Joe’s Kiosk

by leahplotz

Adelaide: It’s the city where everybody somehow knows everybody. Or at least their in-laws.

The family friend I was staying with planned for me to go out for drinks on my last night with her younger colleagues, and it solidified everything I had learned since arriving there: three degrees of separation defines the city. Everybody knows everybody.

Case one: Ten minutes after I landed, we were at Joe’s Kiosk, where we ran into a Big Name Ex-Politician and a rice farmer from NSW. I couldn’t decide who was more interesting to talk to! Joe himself hugged me and gave me a chocolate. Everywhere we went, she knew someone, or her colleagues knew someone. Little did I know I had already been sucked into this world…

Which leads me to case two: Just a few weeks prior, I was at the pub to watch some footy when I met my newest footy-banter buddy. A bloke from Adelaide who comes to Melbourne a few times a year with his mates purely for the purpose of watching footy. That’s my kind of people.

Case three: Two weeks prior, I was at the four-gate Maroochydore airport when I found the only Norwegian there. She was a bright, bubbly girl from the eastern bits of Norway. We traded Facebook names and vowed to see each other when she came to Melbourne come spring.

So when I was in Adelaide, I planned to have breakfast on my last day there with my new footy friend. We had good conversation and amazing food at a very popular cafe. Around noon I got a text from my Norwegian friend. “Are you in Adelaide?! Let’s have coffee!”

*Worlds colliding!*

It was so glorious, so random, and I was so happy. What a coincidence. A month before my trip, neither of these meetings would have even happened. But they did, thanks to Adelaide.

It reminded me of Iowa: everybody knows everybody and their business. Trying to keep a private life is a joke, but it also means that networking takes care of itself. Absolutely everyone I met was incredibly welcoming and nice, and I must admit, there wasn’t a single bad-looking guy in the whole city.

So the next time you go to Joe’s Kiosk, beware: you may never know who you’re going to run into!


The view from Joe’s Kiosk on a stormy winter day