Tromsø and Her Northern Charm

by leahplotz


Ishavskatedralen during a storm

Den lyste fra snømørket. Den strålte varmen fra innsiden. Slik var Tromsø for meg. For en by, for et folk, for en festival, for en ferie.

It lit up, up from the darkness of the snow. It radiated warmth from the inside. That is what Tromsø was for me.

Tromsø was for me a city of warm hearts, one where I felt welcome to and comfortable in. From having a chat with the cafe owner to catching up on the local fishing gossip with the marine scientist, I talked to more strangers in a few days that I may have done my entire time in Oslo. It makes, sense, though: with dark and stormy weather, they don’t necessarily have much of a choice, do they?

I was in town for the film festival, one that Sondre certainly wanted to join me in but couldn’t get holiday for. We had been to BIFF in Bergen and it lit something in me. Never a real fan of Hollywood, I’ve always been attracted to independent movies, documentaries, and international films. So of course, being a part of a festival where we saw such films all weekend only fueled this craving. At TIFF, I was shocked, I cried, I laughed, and I learned so much! It also eased the slight disappointment of the Northern Lights never peeking out through the snowstorm.


Q&A with the director of Young Wrestlers, Mete Gümürhan

A few of the movies I was so lucky to see alongside Tove, my former boss and forever mentor from Skogfjorden. It was slightly bizarre to see her outside of the Norwegian village, the only place I had seen her since I was seven. It had been at least six, maybe years since I had seen her last, so at first, I didn’t really know where to start, but I was happy to have been able to share a sushi platter and ideas with her while in town.

Although Tromsø draws tourists for her Northern Lights, whale watching, and midnight sun, she keeps them enchanted with everything else about her. The city is just big enough to provide, yet just small enough to get to know. As I left, I wanted to give Tromsø a giant hug! It was fantastic getting to know this brave, fun, charming Paris of the North.